"Once I finished guilty crown I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I missed it and felt like it was something I would never get back. I’ll stop thinking about it and inori’s songs will randomly pop in my head making the feeling come back" - Edited by Yukari

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"After watching Guilty Crown, I developed a bond towards Inori and Shu. I wanted them to be together, but when Inori died, and Shu was forced to live on as a blind, one armed man, I could feel a part of me slowly fade away in this pool of sorrow and sadness…I know it sounds weird but it’s how I feel." -Editor Yukari

"Am i the only one who thought the ending to Guilty Crown was perfect?" - Editor Yukari

"You know what sucks? Shipping a ship that hasn’t even left the dock. It kills, tears me up inside! That is exactly what the unrecognized ship of Ayase and Yahiro do to me! I ship them really, really hard and there is absolutely no evidence of anyone else doing so. No fanart, no fanfiction, nadda. Is there anyone-ANYONE- out there that has at least given thought to the awesomeness of this pairing cause’ currently, I’m only comforted by the fantasies I conjure. :( " -Editor Yukari
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Sorry for the few week’s of no posts

but, it was for good reason…1 for school i am actually close to getting one of my degrees right now so ya know crunch time and stuff.

And 2 because i have a anime convention this week!

So hey! Do you live in Michigan? Do you attend Youmacon? Well guess what you could meet Yukari! (that is if you want to) I will be once again be attending Youmacon in downtown detroit! Ive been going for about 8 years i think and i will return again. This year as Oshawott and our very own INORI (her casual black and red dress which i finally have this year unlike that…ugly black outfit last year…*it was very last min and bad*) So yes! On Saturday i will be Inori for sure (maybe a bit Friday night or earlier since i plan to buy the GC dvd’s at the funimation table and wanted to dress as Inori when i did so.) So yes! if you see a Inori or a cute Oshawott as them if they are Yukari and you could very well meet me! I only really say this since i don’t know where yo uall live and i just know for a fact at least one of you lives around here because a friend of mine ran into a fan cosplaying Inori and told her about this blog and she knew about it…so yeah if your going hope to see you there!


"I was pissed they changed Rowan’s last words to Daryl in the dub" -Editor Yukari

"I wish Shu and Inori could have just crystallized, so that they could have stayed together, forever." -Editor Yukari

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Just wanted to drop a quick sorry for my lack of activity, classes started back up this month so ive been busy with school. But confessions will be put up this week and as always ask box is always open!

"Segai is one of the greatest, charming, and insane antagonists." - Editor Yukari

"I will always ship Shu and Hare together. Hare loved him unconditionally, and you can see Shu really cared about her as well." - Editor Yukari